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- ISO 9001 Certified -

Expert in lead and low melting point alloys

Health, safety and working conditions


LEMER Company, lead and low melting point alloys foundry, is operating in a demanding regulatory framework (Labor code and Code of the Environment). Furthermore we are certified for our quality management system (ISO 9001 version 2008) which allows us to provide a high level of services.


Lemer foundry is a plant classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE), subject to the authorization for production issued by local authorities. To respect the legal requirements, the foundry organizes an annual follow-up of the air quality (channeled emissions, OWEN gauges) and of the groundwater and storm water quality (piezometers). All the waste are sorted out and handled by approved specialists.


Regulatory requirements due to a professional exposure to lead are important: enhanced medical supervision, blood lead rate every 6 months, measures of the air quality in the factory (Limit Values for Professional Exposure) at least once a year, shower for the employees when they leave their work station. Furthermore LEMER company implemented a Commission for Health, Safety and Working Conditions, to improve the working conditions of the staff.


To maintain the performance and compliance of its production falicities, the company invests each year in new equipments in the aim of improving working conditions and/or reducing its impact on environment.