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- ISO 9001 Certified -

Expert in lead and low melting point alloys


LEMER Company, lead and low melting point alloys foundry was founded in 1878 by the LEMER family. It has been located in Nantes, South Brittany, France, ever since. The foundry has been in the LEMER family for five generations.


We are specialists in the manufacturing of all pieces made of lead and low melting point alloys, in various business areas like fishing, diving, water sports, ballast, radiation protection and industry.


As well as working in a large variety of sectors, we also manufacture numerous and diversified products: lead sinkers, radiation protection bricks, keels and bulbs, counterweights, lead shot, diving weights, anodes, containers and lead seals.


Our French-made products are exported all around the world: Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. In order to expand our skills and expertise, we are currently working on alloys such as zinc, tin, bismuth and tungsten that can be substitutes for lead




Historial background

In 1878 LEMER joined the lead industrial adventure. A pioneer in the art of material processing, precursor in modern methods and manufacturing techniques, Louis-François Lemer initiated new applications of lead in industry, medical radiation protection, nuclear, lead seals and fishing weights, in France and abroad as well.


Early in the century, LEMER used the first injection molding machine with pressure, cam operated as well as gravitational casting mold. The precision of these techniques allow a never before achieved level of quality for large production pieces.


Five generations later, through research, experimentation and innovation, LEMER has become one of the European leaders of lead and its derivatives. Throughout these 135 years, LEMER has tirelessly developed a multitude of processes that are now references worldwide. And others remain to be discovered... Lead is today and will be even more tomorrow, a material of the future.


Today LEMER manufactures in Nantes a wide range of fishing sinkers (over 4000 references) and offers innovative solutions for the treatment and use of lead and alloys for many different applications.


The LEMER group remains committed to its regional roots and history. The factory in Nantes is continually modernizing to anticipate environmental and safety regulations and to provide the best production capacity. Permanently connected to a network of international partners and fishing experts, LEMER defends the values that have made its success: the quality of its products for which it is renowned worldwide.


lingots plomb



-Low-pressure casting (Techmire 24 (x2) and 44 (x2))
-Die casting (pressing device AGRATI 50T (x2) and 250T (x1) equipped with an ABB robot)
-Gravity casting
-Centrifugal casting
-Wire EDM
-Traditional milling and turning machine
-Numerical controlled turning machine
-3 axes machining center with a fourth axe (HAAS)
-Flat or cylindrical grinding
-Machine for filling round dispensers
-Machine for splitting lead balls (x2)

-> Designing and building tools (softwares : Solid Works / Solid Edge)
-> In-house Research and Development of new products


Why choose LEMER ?

 Our lead smelters have an incomparable know-how. With a minimum of 20 years of experience, they provide a top quality to all our leads.


Moreover, LEMER contributes to the protection of people and goods, by combining technology and ecology. Since 1878 LEMER masters lead process, an alloy in full compliance with the realities of our time, able to serve industry and to participate in the environmental protection.


Each new product is developed to closely meet the expectations of the most enthusiastic persons. Concerning fishing, each product is validated and improved by LEMER fanatic specialists and also by professionals like the French Sea Fishing Team, fishing guides and experimented people on all water site types.


Directly connected to a network of worldwide partners, LEMER defends all the values that make the Company successful : the quality of our products and the interests of our customers.


Aware of the risks of working with lead, LEMER invests 500 000 € every year to ensure the safety of people and environmental protection. The HSC (Commission for Health, Safety and Working Conditions) is responsible for the implementation of regulations, the ISO 9001 Certification and the Research and Development Department. They are major assets that guarantee to our customers products in every respect appropriate to their needs.