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- ISO 9001 Certified -

Expert in lead and low melting point alloys


LEMER foundry manufactures lead ballast for various activities. All pieces can be manufactured to suit the needs of customers and their specifications.


Among the different utilizations, crane counterweight, balancing on special machines or oil platforms, lead ballast and lead weights can either be sold or rent.


LEMER foundry also offers you the renting of specific or standard bulks (according to your weights and requirements) for:

  • Calibration of your lifting devices
  • Weight tests
  • Regular checking maintenance


Thanks to its high density, lead can be used in small systems such as electronic systems for example.


Unlike other materials, lead can be recycled and reused as much as you want.


Our services :

  • Ballast from 5 kg to 60 tons
  • From the unit to large production
  • Filling up of your metallic cases
  • Ingots, bags with handle
  • Hangable, transportable and stackable ballast
  • Lead balls


In pictures :